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A project of Soupbone Charities

The Ark Foundation is committed to
planning and developing a modern eco-friendly village community
for everybody and most importantly their pets.

About the Ark Foundation

The Ark evokes a community of humans and animals.
It embodies the specialness of the human/animal bond.

The eternal, ancient promise of protection.
A pact with each other to ensure the continuation of care and life.

A plan to safeguard, provide refuge, sustaining peace, salvation.

An answer.

What is the Ark Foundation?

It's not about age.
It's not about disability.
It's about who will care for your pets
if something happens to you.
What happens to your pets if something happens to you?
If you are part of the community, your pets can stay in the community!
It's simple. It's the Ark.

Illustrations of the Community

From our Founder

Ageing Out Together

If I wanted to find a place to move to at this time, I would want to take my dog. If I only had one dog,
I could find a few, not many places.

But even if I liked one of the few places in America,
when I was unable to care for the animal, for example,
forget to feed it or unable to walk it,
then it would be moved away from me.

The places I found would not care for my animal when I could not.

Let’s say I had more than one animal, two dogs.
a cat and a dog.
Well, there is no place in America that would take us.

And so, The Ark…..two by two

- Rachel Hirschfeld